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Customs clearance

Part two customs clearance
Chapter six customs clearance
Section one general provisions

Article 24. Customs Clearance

  1. Goods or means of transport crossing the Customs border is cleared in accordance with the pro­visions of this Law.
  2. The goods is cleared regardless of the coun­try of origin, country of departure or country of desti­nation.
  3. Taking into account the type of goods and means of transport crossing the Customs border, the Customs Headquarters shall adopt a regulation on Customs clearance in compliance with the Law.

Article 25. Time and Place for Customs Clearance
25.1. The goods is cleared at the place where Cus­toms is located during hours approved by the Customs Headquarters.
Article 26. Customs Clearance Fee

  1. A service fee for Customs clearance is paid by a declarant.
  2. The amount of the service fee for Customs clearance consistent with the cost incurred in delivery of service specified in 26.1 of this Law is approved by the Customs Headquarters.

26.3. The fee specified in 26.1 of this Law is col­lected to the state revenue.

Custom Broker


Article 66. Customs Broker

  1. Customs clearance of the goods intended to enter the Customs territory of Mongolia may be ef­fected by a Customs Broker on a contractual basis.
  2. A Customs Broker is a Mongolian legal body authorized to be a Customs Broker and such permis­sion is authorized by the Cabinet member responsible for Customs matters.
  3. A legal body specified in 66.2 of this Law may run brokerage engaged solely in a specified territory, and specialize in specific types of goods.

66.4 The transfer of Customs brokerage permis­sion to others is prohibited.

Article 69. Rights and Obligations of a Customs Bro­ker

  • The Customs Broker has the right to obtain timely information from the Customs on the amend­ment to the Customs legislation besides those speci­fied in 57.1 of this Law.
  • Customs Broker is obliged to the following besides those specified in 57.2 of this Law:
  • conclude a contract to represent a declarant at the clearance;
  • get involved in Customs activities through the certified Customs specialist;
  • keep financial reports, records on Cus­toms brokerage and provide the Customs with them;
  • inform the Customs when there is any change to the registered information submitted to the Customs while obtaining Customs brokerage authori­zation as specified in 66.2 of this Law;
  • not to disclose the declarant's confiden­tial information or use it illegally;
  • provide the Customs with the pre-ar- rival information 10 days earlier than actual crossing of goods through the national border.


Article 38. Obligations of Carrier
38.1. The carrier shall transport the goods in ac­cordance with this Law.

  • The carrier is obliged to:
  • meet the conditions and requirements specified in this Law for the transportation of goods under Customs control;
  • not to load, unload, transship or trans­fer the goods without Customs permission;
  • not to carry separately the goods having one transport document or goods declaration of a single consignment while they are under Customs control;
  • not to use the means of transport as a concealment place for smuggling goods or not to pro­vide any opportunity for doing so;
  • provide the Customs with all informa­tion regarding means of transport and, afford expert assistance to a Customs Officer;
  • keep the goods intact not to cause any changes, ensure safety of the identification marks placed for Customs purposes;
  • provide the Customs with the required information on goods intending to cross the national border prior to crossing the Customs border;
  • if the goods are examined on board of the means of transport while in motion, provide Cus­toms officers with the proper working conditions and let them ride that transport free of charge;
  • let the means of transport return within scheduled time;
  • other obligations specified in this Laws.
  • International air or railway carriers specified in 35.3. and 35.5. of this Law is linked with the Cus­toms data networking system.